• November 27, 2021

2021’s Best Graphic Designers

As years go by, the importance of graphic designers has been up and rising. From social media ads to traditional advertisement, designers have been working harder than everyone, giving us such outstanding visuals. Being in 2021, the impact their work has on many different industries is undeniable, hence they are so important while developing a brand’s identity and marketing campaign. 

From user experience and user interface to web design and social media posts, these graphic designers truly know how to create astonishing designs that everybody loves and remembers. If you are passionate about design and would love to have some inspiration from some experts, then you should keep reading to know which are 2021’s world best graphic designers. 

  1. Jessica Walsh 

Walsh has become one of the top New York City’s artists due to her amazing skills. She owns her own creative agency (&Walsh) which specializes in strategy, branding and advertising, becoming one of the (not) many female-led creative studios there is in the USA. This amazing designer has some great values, such as helping brand to find who they truly are and to discover what makes them unique in order to find the best version of themselves. Their work is so colorful, and it gives retro vibes too. 

  1. Jason Santa Maria  

For those who are obsessed with typographies designs’, then you will love Jason’s work! This amazing multidisciplinary designer has been working for the past 20 years creating startups, web designs and has spoken at conferences teaching many people around the USA how revolutionary typos can be. He is the co-founder and creative director of A Book Apart (a boutique of design and UX books). He is very active on his social media too (mainly on his Twitter, where he shares his work). 

  1. Stephan Sagmeister 

If you know how Jessica Walsh is, then you sure know who Sagmeister is too. Both Walsh and Sagmeister used to run a creative agency a few years ago, before Walsh parted ways and opened her own company. This Austrian designer has worked with many famous clients such as The Talking Heads and Lou Reed and his style is much more minimalistic than Walsh’s. He tends to use a more neutral color palette, but his designs are astonishing as well!  

  1. Lauren Hom  

Named by Creative Bloom as one of ‘Today’s Most Influential Graphic Designers’, Lauren is designer and hand lettering artist which helps tons of big brands on their typographies. Some of her most popular clients are Starbucks, Youtube and even Google asked for help with their campaigns. She has been in the industry for many years now, and she does not seem to stop! She used to be frightened of public speaking but has managed to present more than 30 creative conferences where she lets us know more about her journey through graphic design. 

If you are a graphic designer yourself, you should check out their work in order to get some inspo for your own job too

Suzanne Isya

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