• March 28, 2023

4 Considerations for Name Card Printing

A name card is undoubtedly essential, especially for professionals. A name card might be small, but it is quite powerful in helping you create the right and strong first impression upon meeting people so that you can build beneficial relationships and affiliations for your business.

Printing a high quality name card means that you have to find an experienced printing service such as Professor Flyer & Name Card Printing. However, first thing first, it is absolutely essential to make sure that the design of your name card is perfect before the printing process.

Here are some steps and tips that you should remember to get outstanding name card:

1. Name Card Paper Stock

Even if you design your name card really attractively, it won’t come out as good if you can’t choose the right type of paper. If you want to appear professional, surely you can’t settle with the cheap or low quality paper. You have to choose paper that is of high quality even though it costs more. Usually, high quality or the premium paper is thicker than the cheaper paper. You can even make your name card appear more interesting by choosing textured paper. If you want to save ink and create a more elegant look, you can try finding colored paper so that you can design it even much easier.

2. Shape and Size

Clearly knowing the size and shape of the name card that you want to get from the very first start is important, because this information is necessary for the accurate design of the name card. The design of the name card should have dimensions that match the size of paper stock so that the final result will look sharp and crisp without any stretch or inaccuracies.

3. Design Resolution

Remember to always work in 300 so that you can be sure that you will get a sharp and crisp result. A professional name card should be of the highest quality so that you can portray the quality and integrity of your work and yourself as a professional in your field.

4. Printing Quantity

Knowing the number of name cards that you need to get is important so that you can allocate the right amount of money for its production. Printing services often offer sets or packs of name cards with a fixed amount, so you should check it with the printing service of your choice and decide how many packs of name cards do you need. It’s actually okay even if you print too many because you’ll eventually use everything up even if it takes longer. A name card can last a long time and be used any time as long as the information is still relevant, so you shouldn’t be too strict about it. Just make sure that the number that you want to print matches the budget that you have for the production. The larger the quantity of your order, however, usually the individual price of the name card gets lower. So consider this to get cheaper name card printing cost. You can visit https://www.professorprint.com to find out more.

Normani Aris

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