• June 25, 2022
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Author: Normani Aris

Normani Aris

Top 10 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands!

During these past few years, we have gained consciousness about how cruel the industry of beauty has been with animals and how much damage they have done to them. Hence why many brands have gone…

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How to Improve your Brand with the Right Marketing Strategy?

At Mandreel we work beyond being a simple marketing and branding agency. Because we focus on your business prospering as much as if it were ours. For this, we devise a series of intelligent strategies…

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Why School Stamps and Teacher Stamps Are Educationally Valuable

In elementary school, grades are not yet awarded, but the work of the young students is still checked and assessed. Teachers and educators can use appropriate assessment teacher stamps in everyday school life to make the…

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What is the Essential Role of Company Secretary?

Company secretary acts as a significant role in the company, and it needs to go with two significant major the company of company workout as per the authorization from the respective board of directors. Almost,…

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4 Considerations for Name Card Printing

A name card is undoubtedly essential, especially for professionals. A name card might be small, but it is quite powerful in helping you create the right and strong first impression upon meeting people so that…

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How to Quickly Register Your Company in Singapore

If you are searching for the right business to build your future, then you have plenty of options to run a company set up in Singapore. The majority of people are investing in existing businesses…

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