• May 15, 2021

What is the Essential Role of Company Secretary?

Company secretary acts as a significant role in the company, and it needs to go with two significant major the company of company workout as per the authorization from the respective board of directors. Almost, they considered as the Ear, hand, and heart of a company, and they need to play on various roles in the company if the person who performs all sort of office correspondence of firms and it is known as the company secretary services. He has the right to make a change in the office and also deal with the membership and other staffs registrar of company.

A1 Corp said that as per the company Act 1994, then company secretary becomes official, and even the person who hold the prescribed qualification, and other duties come under this act. Later the main highlight of the following three things such as People can be appointed as the company secretary, but the company and corporate body need not appoint as company secretary. Then the company secretary holds a prescribed qualification to serve in the field. It has special duties such as administrative, not managerial. Therefore the people can go with the best option with no risk.

 Important of Company secretary:

  • On the other hand, the company secretary services are defined as an officer, servant, adviser, agent, and coordinator. Therefore each position is more important for the company grows so that this position will be more critical for the company.
  • They act as the best advisor to the board of directors and also offer important details to formulate the right plan and polices.
  • They are an organizer of significant preparation, share allotment, and another typical arrangement to conduct the meeting.
  • On the other hand, they have to prepare and somewhat submit a record.
  • They will act as an agent and lead into the contract as well they have representation on behalf of the company.
  • They remain to maintain all-important with the stockholder of the company and conduct the different meeting such arrange a general meeting, the annual conference for the company, director of the meeting and much more additional service for the company.
  • They play the central role of a custodian by keeping the book of account need by the company ACT.
  • They have the power of a chief administrative officer and also have an executive job of the firm. Then they provide a report to corresponding board director.

 By performing two roles in the part of the company with help o shares, it assures to affect the business. Then it makes major issues and brings more stress to the person that is having a new role. At the same time, it may have changed to affect their overall duties. When the company secretary took action in the company, they have the first capability to move and handle all type of process in the company and ensure the company to develop with a better option. Hope the company owner need to discover the right person to appoint as company secretary. He must have all the responsibilities to run the company profitably. To understand more, you can head to https://www.a1corp.com.sg/company-secretarial-services-singapore.

Normani Aris

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