• August 13, 2022

Why School Stamps and Teacher Stamps Are Educationally Valuable

In elementary school, grades are not yet awarded, but the work of the young students is still checked and assessed. Teachers and educators can use appropriate assessment teacher stamps in everyday school life to make the assessment particularly child-friendly. 

Since primary school students first have to learn to read at the beginning of their school career, stamps with pictures and a little text are particularly suitable. 

Stamps like “Super,” “Fantastic,” or “Nicely done” show the young students when they have mastered a task well and in which areas they are particularly good. Stamp like the little “gremlins” or red smiley face “MORE PRACTICE “On the other hand, they show the children when they have to learn more for a subject 

If the student has forgotten their homework, this can also be printed with the appropriate stamp, such as an entry in the homework booklet. The student is advised to think about their homework next time, and the stamp is also very important information for parents. 

Motivation stamp 

Educators have an important role in motivating students. This is particularly relevant in elementary school, as the development of the child is strongly influenced here. 

It is important to give the students a positive connection to the school, especially when things may not be going so well. Children should be encouraged never to give up! With the right motivation stamp, the student can be encouraged if a task has not been solved or implemented. 

But even if the student is developing very well, it is essential to reward and motivate him for his good performance. After all, children love to be recognized as a “hardworking bee,” for example!  

Reward stamp 

If a student has done exceptionally well, has always thought of homework every week, or has been involved in a special school project, for example, they deserve a reward! In these cases, “reward stamps” can be used.  

These are special stamp designs, for example, a magic fairy or a gold star. There is a suitable stamp for every child!  

Tip: To make the reward stamp even more attractive for the children, simply let the students choose for themselves which stamp they would like to receive for the special achievement. Afterward, the rewarded person will certainly want to show “his” stamp everywhere and be very proud of it. And there is another positive side effect: the classmates are also encouraged to receive a reward stamp. Alternatively, these stamps can, of course, also be used as assessment stamps or bonus stamps. 

Identification stamps for books and notebooks 

Math, English, geography, even in elementary school there are some books for the young pupils and a book is often lost. It can be of great help if the books are labeled with the child’s name.  

With “identification stamps” in a child-friendly design, the children can give their book a personal touch. And not only books but also exercise books and the homework book can be labeled in this way. 

And one more hint: The “teacher stamps” can be used not only by teachers but also by all other educators. The children will also be happy about the great motif stamps when doing homework, tutoring, or daycare! 

Normani Aris

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